Monday, March 27, 2017

Sat 3/25 - Full Body - Tension

Workout: Snap Fitness

38 + 6 = 44 mins

Tension type WO this morning followed by refeed weekend and power WO tomorrow morning. Tension WO is moderate weight, controlled reps, fairly short rests, nothing to failure. Calling this full body, but very little leg work. Knees just don't handle it well.

Started with incline and seated row superset. Next was shoulder press with pulldowns. Then leg press, SLDL and Capt Chair leg raises. Next was rope extensions, curls and crunches.  Finished up with rear delt fly’s and a set of chest fly’s.  Felt good. Primed the pump for refeed and a heavy WO tomorrow.  Ideally, would like more than 24-hours before between these 2 WO’s, but doing best I can with available schedule.

I weighed 174.0 this morning.

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