Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tue 2/21 - Upper

Workout: Snap Fitness

50 + 10 = 60 mins

Upper WO with Sarah after work at Snap Fitness. Started with steep angle incline. Bumped weight up to 80#DB’s. Haven’t gone this heavy on steep incline in a couple years. Didn’t think I’d get 4x8, but did. Right shoulder wasn’t very happy, but I was very pleased. Good work. Supersetted these with standing cable rows. Then we did shoulder press supersetted with pulldowns. I’ve been doing pulldowns at a moderate weight, but really controlling it and trying to get a good squeeze.

Next we did overhead triceps extensions. I bumped up to 80#DB and got 2 sets of 10. Good work. Combined with 1 set of incline/hammer curl combo. Finished up with rear delt fly’s, crunches and chest raises.  Nice WO.

I weighed 178.8 this morning.

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