Monday, February 27, 2017

Sun 2/26 - Upper

Workout: Snap Fitness

70 + 10 = 80 mins

Started with steep angle incline and reps were fairly good at 3x8, but I never really felt like I was in a groove. Right shoulder kinda wonky, unstable. Dropped to 70#’s for last set and then did an immediate drop set at 45#DB’s. Brutal.  Good work overall. Supersetted with bent over rows.  Tough superset, both being fairly heavy for me.  Next we did shoulder press and pulldowns.

Then we did pullovers and curls. I mixed it up and did preacher curls with the EZ bar today. I’ve been doing mostly DB work lately.  Then we did a triple-set of triceps, rear delt fly’s and a leg raise (Capt. Chair) and crunch combo.  Solid WO.

I weighed 181.0 this morning.

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