Monday, February 13, 2017

Mon 2/13 - Upper

Workout: Golds

50 + 8 = 58 mins

Started with low incline for 2 good sets. I wanted to do a 3rd, but my R shoulder has been really bothering me lately and didn’t feel great at the end of each set. Raised the level of incline, dropped the weight and did 2 more good paused sets. Supersetted these with 4 sets of heavy seated rows. Then I did DB shoulder press supersetted with  pulldowns. I mixed in 2 setsof chest raises with the shoulder press the last 2 sets as well.

Next I did rope extensions with 1 set of incline/hammer curl combo. Then I did heavy rear delt for 2 sets, 1 light rear delt fly set with 3 sets of crunches.

I weighed 180.6 this morning. Ouch. Lots of eating in PA this weekend. I think I had 3 pieces of cake w/ ice cream each night, plus all kinds of other goodies.

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