Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tue 7/5 - Push Day (Great DB Incline)

Workout: Golds
(80#DBInc)11,8,8 Best in a while

45 + 5 = 50 mins

Push day today. WO as written started with iso incline and didn’t include and DB incline, but when I got to the gym, I figured I’d do a set or two of DB incline first. As I warmed up on DB incline, I was feeling really good, so I decided to start with working sets here. I was thrilled with 11 reps with 80#DB’s on the first set, and then followed with 2 sets of 8 on fairly short rest was GREAT! Very pleased. It helped that I ate a lot all weekend, but that’s also a downside for this coming week. Anyway, great opening exercise.

Then i did Iso Incline with crunches. I had to drop weight after the first set. Chest a bit tired from DB incline. Then I did Iso Shoulder press with 60 second planks. Had to lighten the weight after the first set here too.  Finished up with some triceps, side incline and lateral delt raises.  Really good push WO.

I weighed 179.6 this morning. Ugh. Going to have to get on it this week, and hard.

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