Monday, July 11, 2016

Sat 7/9 - Upper (Snap Fitness. Awesome DB incline)

Workout: Snap Fitness
(85#DBInc)8,7,6,80x7  Great!

75 + 5 = 80 mins

Sarah and I signed up for a month trial membership at Snap Fitness; one of those 24x7 joints. We did a full upper WO today. My lower back is wrecked from 10 sets of deadlift yesterday. I'm an idiot for doing that kind of volume when I haven't deadlifted in probably 6 weeks.

Started with DB incline and chest supported seated rows. Warmup on incline felt really good and easy, so I went with 85#DB’s today. I haven’t used this heavy a weight since my shoulder problem a few months ago. I did 3 heavy sets, then dropped to 80#DB’s for the 4th set. Felt great. Was going along great the 3rd set and thought I as going to get another 7 reps, but died on the 6th. Very happy with this because I haven’t been doing a lot of DB incline in general, and nothing this heavy. Seated rows were good. Two sets narrow grip, two sets wider palm down grip.  Next I did iso-incline with pulldowns. We were going to do shoulder press, but the machine had some weird leverages. I liked the iso incline machine, but the grip was too wide for Sarah, so she did DB shoulder press.

Next we did skull crushers with incline/hammer curl combo. We did 3 sets of skulls, plus a back-off set…killer. For curls, someone was using the 35#DB’s, so I did my first sets with 40#’s. My arms were screaming after this bi/tri combo.  Then we did front raises, crunches and fly’s. Finished up with some rear delt and more ab work.  VERY nice WO.

I weighed 170.6 this morning.  Big sushi meal after our WO, plus Carolina Creamery and a bunch of cereal for dessert.

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