Monday, July 18, 2016

Mon 7/18 - Upper (DB Incline PR!)

Workout: Snap Fitness
(85#Inc)11,8,7,70x12 - Great work here. PR with 11 reps at this weight.

62 + 8 = 70 mins

I’ve been eating a lot the last week and although I’m cutting starting today, I can probably take advantage of the overfeeding from yesterday so we went to the gym for a WO. Started with DB incline and pullup superset. Incline was really good with 85#DB’s. Looking over my logs quickly, I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten 11 reps with a set of 85#DB’s, so I think this is a PR! That 11th rep was a bit of a grinder, so I should’ve stopped at 10 and been in better shape for the subsequent sets, but they were still good.  Did 3 heavy sets and and awesome back-offset with 70# DB’s’.  Great work.  Pullups were hard - the extra weight from the last couple days of eating didn’t help.

Next we supersetted iso incline with DB rows. After 2 more sets of incline, I’d had enough pressing so I switched and did 2 sets of fly’s. Rows felt good.  Then we did tri/bi superset. Finishedup with some ab a delt work.  Great WO.

I weighed 180.0 this morning.

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