Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wed 2/10 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

53 + 12 w/u = 65 mins

I was feeling really beat up from 4 WO's last week, so I took an extra day rest yesterday and did an upper WO at the work gym over lunch today.  I was planning on starting with OHP, but someone was using the smith rack.  So, I started with pullups supersetted with incline. Incline was good, but I kind of died on the 3rd set, same as last time I did high reps with 75#DB's.  Good superset.  Next I supersetted 2 sets OHP, 2 sets inverted rows with 4 sets heavy crunches. Next I supersetted incline cable flys and overhead triceps extensions. Both were good. Finsihed up with rear and lateral delt work. Good WO.

I weighed 176.4 this morning. Weight has been up around 178, but yesterday was a low carb day, so weight dropped.

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