Monday, February 1, 2016

Sun - Upper (pull focused)

Workout: LA Fitness

78 + 8 w/u = 86 mins

Took Saturday off to take the kids to the Air and Space museum. Friday was push day, today (Sunday) was going to be a pull day, but since I had a day between, I did some light pressing as well, but the focus of the WO was pull.  Plan was to do 2 heavy and 2 moderate sets for my main horizontal and vertical pull movements. I started with bent over row and did 2 good sets with 185#'s followed by 2 sets of 155#'s. That latter 2 sets more controlled and good contraction. Supersetted this with 3 sets of paused incline.  Next I supersetted vbar pulldowns with iso shoulder press.

Then I supersetted 2 sets of DB rows and 2 sets of seal rows with 4 sets of weighted decline crunches.  Next I did the incline/hammer curl combo supersetted with rear delt work. Finished up with some incline cable fly's and body weight inverted rows. Solid WO.

I weighed 180.0 this morning. Eating over maintenance too frequently, but gaining strength. It's all a balance and trade offs. I don't want to stay over 180 and would like to hover close to 175. That seems to happen by mid-week without trying. General weight fluctuation has been around 180 by end of weekend, 175-ish by midweek.

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