Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wed 12/23 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

83 + 5 w/u = 88 mins

Travelling today for Christmas, so we wanted to get a good WO in before hitting the road. Started with OHP. This is the heaviest I've gone on this since getting back to shoulder press. 4 good sets supersetted with close grip seated rows.  Next we did incline supersetted with pulldowns. I almost dropped to 65#'s after the first set of incline, but decided not to be a pussy and stuck with 70#'s and got more reps the last 2 sets. Very nice. Pulldowns were 3 heavy close grip and 1 reverse grip set.

Next we did skull crushers. Last WO I did 100#'s for low-ish reps. So today I did 90#'s and got more reps than ever and held reps fairly well across 4 sets, plus a back off set. Great work. We supersetted these with 2 sets upright rows and 2 sets seal rear delt rows. Great superset for "accessory" work.  Finished up with some curls and abs. Great workout.

I weighed 175.6 this morning.  Did a low carb day yesterday because weight is starting to creep up. Could get ugly over Christmas, but I'm going to enjoy it and get some good WO's in over break too.

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