Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tue 12/29 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
(65#ShldrPress)7,6,60x7,7,6,45x10 - Weight bump
(130#SeatRow)4x9,90x12 - Weight bump
(195#VbarPull)3x8,175x10- Weight bump
(45#UprightRow)3x10 - Weight bump

82 + 13 w/u = 95 mins

I was planning on starting with OHP today, but all the racks were taken so I did DB shoulder press. I did weighted crunches while warming up. I started with 65#DB's today. I haven't done this weight in a while and was pleased with two sets. I droped to 60#DB's and did 3 more sets, then a backoff set with 45#'s. Very nice work. I supersetted these with 4 heavy sets of seated rows plus a back off set. Next I did incline. I warmed up with 45#DB's and my R shoulder didn't feel very good. I did a set of 10 paused reps and was considering staying at this weight or skipping incline all together. Next set I did 55#'s and my shoulder felt ok, then 2 sets with 65#'s. All reps were long paused reps, so despite the light weight, I worked fairly hard. I supersetted incline with vbar pulldowns. I bumped the weight here and got really good reps. I didn't have to cheat the weight at all. 3 heavy sets and a backoff paused set.

Next I did skull crushers with upright rows (weight bump). Both were good. Next I did incline curls, rear delt and rope pushdowns. Finished up the WO with chest fly's which bothered my R shoulder on the first set, but then felt better each additional set. Awesome WO. Bumped weight on 5 exercises (shoulder press, seated row, pulldowns and upright rows).

I weighed 176.8 this morning. Much better.

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