Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thu 12/3 - Upper + PT

Workout: Work Gym

40 + 7 w/u = 47 mins

Not a long WO, but some really good work on OHP and pulldowns. OHP has been going fairly well lately, building back up after a long time off from shoulder press. After my last 2 WO's I decided to go a little heavier today. I started with 145#'s and got 8 reps, but barely. I wanted to stay in the 8+ reps, so I lowered the weight to 135#'s for the last 3 sets. Very good work. I supersetted OHP with v-bar pulldowns and I went heavy. I think the best I've gotten recently at this weight is 3x8 with some body english (aka, cheating).  I beat that today with good clean reps.

Then I did 2 sets of paused incline with DB rows. Both were good. Finished up with some ab, triceps and delt work. I aslo did half my PT in the gym. I'll finish the other half at home tonight.

I weighed 173.4 this morning.  Feeling good, gaining strength back, fairly lean, especially for this time of year.

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