Monday, December 7, 2015

Sun 12/6 - Upper and a walk in the woods

Workout: LA Fitness

95 + 10 w/u = 105 mins

Sarah and I worked out together this morning. We don't get to do this as frequently as we used to. I really enjoy working out with her. We started with reverse crunches during incline and back/row warmup. Hadn't done these in quite a while and they felt good. we did them on a decline bench. Warmups for incline felt good so I decided to bump back up the 80# DB's today. I'd been back down at 75#DB's for my working weight for a while after losing some strength during a long cut & lean period over the summer and fall, plus my shoulder issues where pressing volume was way down. Starting to feel stronger and build back up. Incline was great for my first time with 80's in a long time. My R shoulder is still kind of a mess and can't do near the load that my left can, but good work here. Last rep or two of the last 2 sets, my left arm went up fairly easy while Sarah had to help w/ my Right. Still very pleased with this. Rows were good. This was the first time for Sarah doing them this way, and I should've gone heavier by evidence of my last set of 15 reps.  Good superset with these two movements.  Then we increased the angel of the incline and did 2 sets of paused reps.

Next we did 1-arm chest fly's supersetted with reverse grip pulldowns. I bumped up the weight on pulldowns and bumped the weight on the last set of fly's. Was only planning on 2 sets of fly's, given previous chest volume, but they were feeling good so we did 3.  Next we did skull crushers. I bumped back up to 90#'s which I hadn't done in a while and got 3 good sets, plus an added drop set. Very good work.

Then we did incline curls and delt work. I started heavy and had to drop weight on both. Getting fatigued. Finished up with some more ab/core work, rear delt and some rope pushdowns.  Excellent WO and very pleased with the progress in strength I'm getting back, and doing it while not adding a lot of body weight. Trying to eat at around or just above maintenance.

We went for an 1:20 walk at Morven Park after something to eat. Pretty Fall day to be in the woods.

I weighed 173.4 this morning. Weight was good after eating a lot at the dinner dance last night.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 246 434 57       3,210
Calories 982 1736 509       3,227
Percent 30% 54% 16% `

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