Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sun 12/13 - Upper - Great Skull Crushers

Workout: LA Fitness

83 + 18 w/u = 101 mins

Sarah and I went to the gym this morning after an awesome hike yesterday, followed by a ton of eating so my weight was really high this morning. We started off with crunches on the back extension machine while we warmed up.  Started with superset of incline and seated rows. My R shoulder wasn't feeling good at all during warmups, so I'm surprised incline went as well as it did. I wanted to add reps to last weeks' WO with this weight, but didn't happen. We did seated rows with a narrow, palms facing, grip. Felt really good. Then we increased the angle of incline by 2 positions (much steeper than normal) and did 3 sets of paused reps. Great work!

Then we supersetted reverse grip pulldowns with 1-arm chest fly's. Chest fly's felt GREAT today.  Then we did skull crushers. I bumped up to 100#'s today. I've never gone this heavy and I was very pleased with the 3 sets, followed by a drop set that was brutal.  Then we did a triple set of incline curl, delt fly's and hammer curls. 2 sets each of curls, 3 sets delts.  We finished the WO with decline russian twists, rear delt and rope pushdowns.  Great WO. Getting stronger. Incline wasn't fantastic today, but mainly due to my R shoulder. If I could only get that feeling good for a good stretch of WO's...

I weighed 177.0 this morning. 

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