Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sat 12/19 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness

78 + 12 w/u = 90 mins

Decided to do a push/pull this weekend. Today was push day. Started with incline and decided to bump up to 85# DB's. Haven't done this weight in a long time and thought I'd try to get 3x5. First set was good, 2nd and 3rd were ok. Feeling good. Did two more sets and got 6 reps each. Very nice. Right shoulder still problematic. Left arm going up well, right struggling a bit. Very pleased with this effort at this weight today. Then we increased the angle of incline and did 3 good working sets and
a drop set after the 3rd. Great work.

Next we did incline cable fly's. The gym wasn't very crowded, so we took the opportunity to hog one of the cable stations. This exercise got a little getting used to, but we stuck with it for 3 sets since it takes some time to set up. Will do this again when the gym isn't crowded. Chest pretty well done now.  Next we did skull crushers and I bumped up to 100# barbell for 3 heavy sets and a drop set. Really good work. Thought I'd drop reps more and have to reduce weight, but didn't have to. We supersetted these with DB upright rows. Finished up with more ab work (we did 4 sets of crunches during incline w/u) and lateral raises.  Excellent WO. Very pleased with incline and skull crushers. Getting strength back nicely and triceps really getting stronger.

I weighed 175.6 this morning.

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