Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wed 8/26 - Push + Cardio

Morning Cardio:
3.1 mile walk in 31:19, 15:38 pace. Fasted with Y+C stack.

Workout: Work Gym

27 + 8 w/u = 35 mins

Left shoulder in a sling and still kind of a mess, but since I'm dieting hard I wanted to get just a quick stimulation. Incline was OK. A little painful, but 3 decent sets of paused reps. Then I supersetted skull crushers with lying leg raises. Skull crushers felt heavy, but I also didn't rest long at all between incline and starting them, so triceps were fatigued. Finished up with some seated lateral raises and pushdowns. Quick WO, but that's exactly what I wanted (aside from the shoulder pain part).


I weighed 168.4 this morning. Dropped over 9 pounds in 2 days. I'm slightler lighter than my lowest of this cut and lighter than before I left for vacation. But, I was eating carbs prior to vacation and I've restricted them the last 2 days, so as soon as I eat a few carbs, my weight will bump up a bit. I should be able to lost 1.5-2 pounds of fat this week though with the deficit I've created.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 247 72 18       1,424
  Calories 986 286 159       1,431
  Percent 69% 20% 11% `

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