Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thu 8/6 - Upper + Cardio

Workout: Work Gym
(75#Inc)2x8P (long paused reps)
(60#Inc)10P (long paused reps)

44 + 9 w/u = 53 mins

Not a lot of time for a WO, but wanted to get a good quick one in. Volume and effort was about exactly what I wanted. 2 sets of incline. Long pauses on every rep. Supersetted with vbar pulldowns, focusing on keeping shoulders retracted at bottom of the pull. Increased angle of incline and planned on 2 sets, but after 1 paused set, I felt like that was enough. I'm hoping to recover fully for heavy WO's this weekend. So I moved to shoulder press for 2 sets and combined those two movements with 3 sets of DB rows.

Then I did 2 sets of skull crushers and 2 sets of incline curls combined with 4 sets of 60 second planks.  Finished up with rear delt fly's and face pulls for some rear delt work. Nice WO in a fairly short amount of time.

Went for a 50 minute walk with Sarah in the evening. 

I weighed 172.0 this morning. Feeling good. Trying to eat more whole foods, more fat, less cereal (and other refined carbs). My stomach is slow to adjust to it.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 229 315 62       2,712
Calories 918 1259 560       2,737
Percent 34% 46% 20% `

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