Friday, August 21, 2015

Thu 8/20 - Upper Day (IronBound Gym)

Workout: IronBound Gym

100 + 10 w/u = 110 mins

Sarah came down to Williamsburg last night and we hit the gym this morning for a full upper body WO. I wasn't sure how my left shoulder was going to be. It's still been painful, but it's had 3-4 days rest. We started with incline and I got 3 really good sets with 80#DB's. The did a series of backoff/drop sets. Very good. We supersetted these with body weight pullups. Then we supersetted t-bar rows with torture twists. The rows felt really heavy for a fairly manageable weight.

Then we went to do shoulder press on a hammer strength machine we both love at Ironbound gym. I started a very light warmup set to see how the left shoulder would be. Not happening. Got 1/4 rep up and had to stop. Really painful. I did lateral delt raises while sarah did presses. Shoulder not good. Surprised how well I did with incline.  Next we did v-bar pulldowns with decline crunches.

Next we did skull crushers. Got a great first set with 90#'s, 2nd set dropped reps badly, so I dropped the weight for the 3rd set and did a drop set after the 3rd. Really good triceps work.  Then we supersetted incline curls with heavy rear delt raises/fly's. Finished up with some rope pushdowns.  Good WO.

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Reigned it in yesterday a bit to keep things from getting completely out of control. Not tracking calories.

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