Friday, August 21, 2015

Sun 8/16 - Push Day (Left shoulder a mess)

Workout: LA Fitness

59 + 11 w/u = 70 mins

Since had to switch push day yesterday because of my left shoulder, I was giving it another shot today. Did 1 set of heavier incline, then dropped tp 75#'s for 3 more sets. That was pretty much it for the pressing today. I tried warming up on shoulder press and couldn't even press warmup weights. So I did some lateral delts while Sarah did shoulder press. We supersetted these with reverse crunches (which were good). Then we did 4 sets of skull crushers, plus a drop set immediately after the 4th set. That was tough and felt great! Did some rope extensions to finish the WO.

So, not much too this workout because I couldn't do a lot with my shoulder. But, the truth is that I was able to get 4 good sets of incline and 4 good sets of triceps work. That's two really good movements and for how fouled up my shoulder is, I'll take the ability to do that much work any day.

I weighed 172.4 this morning. Ended up working Sunday night into Monday morning until 4am. Had a bit of a carb meltdown at 3AM and ate nearly 2 boxes of cereal and half a gallon of milk.

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