Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tue 6/23 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym
(75#Inc)12,9,8 Paused - great work

43 + 7 w/u = 50 mins

Quick WO before lunch today. Didn't have much time, but had an awesome WO. Incline was great. Really good paused reps. This was one of my better incline WO's with this weight. I thought after my WO Saturday that I'd lost measurable strength. This WO tells me I haven't lost much, if anything and that WO was probably just more affected by hard cut the week prior. I supersetted incline with BOR. BOR felt heavy.

Next I supersetted crunches, shoulder press and v-bar pulldowns. Even though my left shoulder has really been bothering me the last couple of days, shoulder press didn't seem to hurt (nor did incline) and was really good. It's still painful, but not during these pressing movements. Weird. Then I did skull crushers and incline curls. I'm really liking the skull crushers and I went heavier on curls than usual. Finished up with some light incline fly's and rear delt work.  Awesome WO in 50 minutes with a warmup.

I weighed 176.6 this morning. Feeling really good. Still look "full" from weekend refeed, but a fair amount of the carb/water bloat is gone. This is  when I look and feel the best. Later in the week as the cut continues, I get depleted and feel smaller and flatter. Just the nature of dieting.

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