Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tue 6/2 - Push day (work gym)

Workout: LA Fitness

54 + 9 w/u = 63 mins

Push day over lunch at the work gym. Incline was good. Paused reps. Was considering a 4th set, but back to dieting harder than last week, so no real reason to pile on volume. I planned on doing the shoulder press machine, but I really haven't done any DB shoulder pressing in quite a few weeks, so I did them today. Felt good. I supersetted shoulder press with crunches, done reverse on the back extension machine. Next I supersetted incline fly's with leg extensions. Weird combination. I didn't have anything paired with fly's, and I wanted a little bit of leg stimulation, so I threw them together here.

Next I did overhead triceps extensions supersetted with shrugs. Triceps extensions were very good. I finished the WO with a triple-set of bulldozer lateral raises, rope pushdowns and body weight crunch twists.  Good WO.


I weighed 176.6 this morning, down from 181.4 yesterday.

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