Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tue 6/16 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness
(75#Inc)10,10,8,8 Paused reps - very good.

65 + 9 w/u = 74 mins

"Full body" WO today. Really more an Upper WO, with leg curls and leg extensions, but whatever. Calling it full body :)  Plan for inline was 3x8 paused. First 2 sets were excellent paused sets of 10 reps, not to failure. At that point I decied to do 4 sets instead of 3 because they were feeling really good. 3rd set was 8 reps, 4th set was 8 also, but close to failure on this last rep. 10,10,8,8 paused reps was very good here. I've gotten 4x10 before with this weight, but not strict paused reps. I supersetted with seated rows. I started with 95#'s and have been getting 2 sets at this weight, then dropping a plate to 88#'s. Today I was feeling good and got all 4 sets at 95. Very nice opening superset. This WO was fasted, btw, so no food for fuel.

Next I did DB shoulder press supersetted with pullups. I had pulldowns written in here, but pulldown machine is on far side of the gym, so I decided to do pullups. I planned on 3x8, staying away from failure to save my elbows. I got 12,10,10 only going close to failure on last set. Shoulder press was good. Could have gone heavier here, but was able to do some paused reps on last couple reps of each set.  Another very good superset. I took a break from upper body and did leg ext and leg curl combo.  Then I supersetted fly's with decline crunches. 2 sets of fly's, 4 sets of crunches. These were with a 45# DB on my chest. I died on the 3rd set, rested about 5 seconds and did body weight reps. Killer.

Next I did rope extensions (bothered my R wrist) supersetted with incline/hammer curl combo. Finisehd up the WO with lateral delt raises and a set of rope pushdowns. Awesome WO for where I am in my diet and leanness. I'm single digits now.

I weighed 174.8 this morning. Pretty sure I'm single digits BF% now. I did caliper readings, and it says definitely single digits. I'm about 175, but not depleted because I'm eating a fair amount of carbs. I was this weight a few weeks ago, but that was depleted. So I'm the same "weight" now, but leaner.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 231 254 31       2,224
Calories 922 1014 280       2,216
Percent 42% 46% 13% `

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