Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thu 6/4 - Pull Day (work gym)

Workout: Work Gym

53 mins + 7 w/u = 60 mins

Started with heavy v-bar close grip pulldowns today. I thought this would be really heavy and was hoping for sets of 8. Got sets of 10. Nice. I supersetted these with torture twists w/ a 10# plate. Hadn't done T-twists in a while and they felt great. They're just a pain to set up at LA Fitness because the benches are bolted down.  Next I did bent over rows supersetted with leg curls. Since I went heavier on pulldowns, I didn't go as heavy as normal on rows, but I tried to pause the movement at contraction. Really felt these in my back.

Next I supersetted incline/hammer curl combo with rear delt fly's. Very good reps on curls. Then I supersetted upright rows with pulldowns. I should have gone lighter on pulldowns. Finished up with some DB rows and body weight crunch twists. Very good ab work today.

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Back to fairly hard cutting this week. Averaging about a 1,500 calorie/day deficit.

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