Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thu 6/25 - Cardio + Upper WO + Body Composition + Progress Pic

 3.5 mile walk/run in 45:50.
Avg 13:03 pace.
Miles were 11:16, 14:38, 12:12, 7:36 (.5 mile)

Workout: Work Gym

37 + 8 w/u = 45 mins

2nd "workout" of the day after cardio this morning.  Quick WO over lunch today. I was planning on going light today so I can hit it hard this weekend. I didn't have much time today, so it worked out well to go light and take short rests and really keep things moving along. Incline/pullups combo was good. Stayed away from failure (on everything today). Incline felt good with controlled paused reps. Pullups felt super easy for first 2 sets. Worked a little bit on last set of 10 reps.

Next I did DB shoulder press and DB rows. Shoulder press felt light and easy, rows bothered my left shoulder. Weird, eh? Left shoulder has been bad, but pressing doesn't seem to bother it as much as pulling. Next I supersetted curls, pushdowns and abs. Got a good burn with curls and abs felt
really good. Finished up with incline fly's, rear & lateral delt work. Fly's felt great today. Used a little bit different technique that really activated the pec. Light weight, but still felt good.

I weighed 175.2 this morning. I got a body composition test done at the gym today. Results are 7.52%. I'll post the 7-site caliper readings later.  That's about as lean as last year and I'd still like to get a bit leaner. I feel good and lean, but want to come down a bit further.  This year my legs are noticeably leaner. Abs seem about the same. Hoping some of the Stubborn Fat protocols will help with that.  Anyway, pleased with the progress so far.
kip owens
Kip Owens - 7.52%

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 237 377 34       2,775
  Calories 948 1507 310       2,765
  Percent 34% 55% 11% `

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  1. Looking awesome, Kip! You and I are about the same age. I just turned 45 this year. Your transformation is inspirational!

    Hyok Lee