Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sun 6/7 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness

78 + 5 w/u = 83 mins

Calling this a lower body + accessory, but it's really just a full body WO. Working upper again to try to take advantage of overfeeding on the weekend to get in some good work. Started with leg press. Started light with 4 plates and never got heavy at all (8 plates), but did a lot of volume. Those last 2 20-rep sets were killer on the quads. Supersetted with 4 sets of weighted crunches on the back extension machine.  Next we did Stiff Leg Dead Lifts (SLDL) paired with 90 second planks as our recovery.

I had planned to do DB incline supersetted with pullups next, but all the incline machines were taken, so we did a hammer strength incline machine with pullups. We both liked the incline machine as a change of pace. Tried to not lock out and keep tension on the pecs the entire time. Sarah did some good pullup work. I did 3x10 fairly easy until the 3rd set. I didn't want to go close to failure because it's just too hard on my elbows. But, I love pullups so trying to find a way to do them w/o causing pain/damage.  Next we supersetted 1-arm hammer strength iso rows, supersetted with cable upright rows.

Next we did light incline fly's with some high-rep rope pushdowns. Finished off the WO with a set of bulldozer laterals and incline/hammer curl combo. This turned out to be a fairly tough full body day. Good WO and some variety to keep things fresh.

I weighed 176.6 this morning. I was fairly depleted Friday, so I thought I'd suck up a lot of water and be heavier today.

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