Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sun 6/14 - Cardio and Full Body WO

Walked 3 miles in 50 minutes early this morning fasted.

Workout: LA Fitness

70 + 5 w/u = 75 mins

WO was fasted again today at 10AM.  We did a heavy upper WO yesterday, so today was a full body + accessory day. These are hard, but fun days because it gives me the chance to do some exercises that aren't necessarily in my core group, yet still get some good work in. I hadn't done deadlift in a long time and wanted to pull some moderate weight. Goal was just to work up to a hard triple. So, I worked up to 345 which today was a fairly hard effort. Then I took a short rest, dropped to 225#'s and did AMRAP. I got 15 reps. That back-off set was brutal and felt great.  Good effort. I did a lot of walking this week, so we just did 2 sets of leg press and supersetted them with crunch twists. Crunches were really good. Controlled, higher reps. Could still feel yesterday's ab work.

Next we supersetted pullups with hammer strength incline press. 2 sets each, and both were really good. I let myself work a little harder on pullups than the last couple of WO's. I think deadlift contributed to fatigue here.  Then we supersetted seal rows and cable fly's. I started with 60# seal rows and dropped to 55#'s. Cable fly's felt good. The gym wasn't crowded when we went today, so I didn't feel bad monolpolizing 2 cable stations. Next we did tricep pushdowns with upright rows. I went heavier than normal on pushdowns. It's a heck of a lot easier when I haven't already done a bunch of heavy pressing :)  Finished up with some  light-ish iso rows with short rest.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Not bad.  Big calorie burn today. Cardio in the morning, then a full body WO and active all day. Didn't really sit down until 9:30 this evening.

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