Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sat 6/6 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

82 + 12 w/u = 94 mins

I ended up dieting fairly hard this week and my weight was the lowest it's been on the diet so far. Yesterday was a fairly massive deficit and I was really active so I was a little concerned I'd crash during today's WO. Did my standard upper WO. Incline was fairly good. First set was great, 2nd set I kind of died with the 85#DB's and only got 6 reps. Dropped to 80#DB's and got 2 good sets, then a short rest before a back off set of paused 70#'s. Supersetted with seated rows. These felt heavier than normal and the last set was probably more like 8 good reps + 2 partials.  We did decline crunches. 4 sets with Sarah and I going back and forth with short rests. These got hard very quickly.

Next we did shoulder press with pulldowns. 3 normal sets of presses and then a lighter set of partials. Pulldowns were OK. 3 regurlar sets and 1 set of close grip. Next we did rope extensions and curls. Finished up with some incline fly's, rope pushdowns and rear delt work.  Good WO.


I weighed 174.0 this morning. Feeling fairly lean.

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