Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sat 6/27 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness

94 + 10 w/u = 104 mins

First set of incline was pretty good actually, and then it got really tough. Thought I'd get at least 6, maybe 7 reps on 2nd set and then drop to 80#DB's. Nope. I got 5. Then I dropped weight each set to keep reps at 7. A little disappointed, but it's not completely unexpected this far into my cut and this lean. After the heavier sets were don I did some drop sets with 60, 45 and 35 pound DB's. NO rests other than to grab the lighter DB's. All paused partial reps. Brutal.

Next I did leg press and crunches. Moving back to upper body, I did iso shoulder press. First set was good, 2nd was OK, but 3rd would've dropped off bad. So I did 2 lighter sets on short rests. Next I did incline fly's. They felt really good. 3 sets.  Then I did overhead DB triceps extensions. 2 sets w/ 80's, a set w/ 70's. Then 3 sets of skull crushers supersetted with bulldozer laterals. Finished up with some more triceps work (2 exercises) and lateral delts.

I worked really hard, but have definitely lost some strength on the cut now. I think I'm done with 85#DB's on incline for a while. I may try 1 heavy set, but I just can't sustain good reps at this weight any more. I'm probably better of w/ 80's until I move to maintenance calories and try to build back up a little.

I weighed 175.2 this morning. Cut pretty hard again this week averaging a 1,400 daily calorie deficit. Refeed today and assess where I'm at tomorrow and determine plan going forward. I'd like to get into the 6% body fat range, but not sure how much strength I'm willing to sacrifice.

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